Business Office asking employees, students to receive W-2s online

For the calendar year 2012, all faculty, staff and student employees will be able to view and print out their own W-2s (this form produced is acceptable to use in your annual tax filing by the IRS) using My Information.

The process is simple, and those who participated in this service last year do not have to redo this process. Listed below are the steps necessary to perform this process for all new users:

  • Log in to My Information
  • Select the “Employee” tab
  • Select “W-2 Electronic Consent”
  • Select the first option presented, click “Submit”

Once this is complete, you will be able to view and print your W-2s in PDF file format. This process is completely voluntary and can be changed at any time by performing the above steps and selecting the second option.

To view and print your W-2 form, please perform the following steps:

  • Log in to My Information
  • Select the “Employee” tab
  • Select “W-2 Statement”
  • Select “Yes” under the “Security Information” tab
  • Select/click the desired tax year (2011 should already be listed)
  • W-2 should present as a PDF file for you to print or view

Participation will result in less printing, postage and manpower associated with the production of more than 1,500 tax records, helping to uphold University sustainability goals, and participants will gain access to their tax documents faster than when they would receive them in the mail.

Electronic consent should be made by Tuesday, Jan. 15. E-mail notification of the online availability will precede mailing, as these documents are usually produced in print by the end of January. The Business Office hopes to have the electronic W-2 version available by the middle of January to all those who elect, with printed copies to be mailed by the end of January for those who do not elect the online version.

For more information, contact Paula Rancourt at (401) 341-2112 or Christine Atwater at (401) 341-2134.


  1. Jan Goodland-Metz says:

    I have a couple questions….How certain are you that this is secure? The printers in our offices routinely scan what they print and that is stored on the printer and can be retrieved at a later date by someone who owns the machine ie, our current provider or by a person who purchases the printers at a later date as used equipment. Also how secure is our network as we receive spam mail everyday? Just wondering….

  2. Lindsay says:

    I am pretty tech savvy, have tried everything, but my forms are still not available online. Any thoughts???

  3. Sam W. says:

    can I get into my information without going through mysalve first?

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