Constitution Day discussion weighs merits of NSA wiretapping

Is the National Security Agency’s practice of recording domestic phone call information necessary to keep Americans safe or does it tread all over their constitutional rights?

This issue will be examined from a non-partisan approach when Dr. Luigi Bradizza, assistant professor of political science, and Dr. Khalil Habib, associate professor of philosophy, present a Constitution Day discussion, “Can You Hear Me Now? NSA Domestic Wiretapping and the Constitution” at 10 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17 in the Young Building.

Earlier this year, media reported widely that the National Security Agency has been recording the domestic phone call information of many millions of American citizens. Defenders of the NSA program claim that it is necessary in order to stop terrorist attacks against the United States, and that it is constitutional. Opponents claim that the program threatens central American liberties, and that it is unconstitutional.

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