Critical care doctor to share stories of ICU patients

What is life like for patients kept alive by modern medical technology? Author and critical care doctor Daniela Lamas will explore this question during an upcoming lecture sponsored by the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy.

“You Can Stop Humming Now: A Doctor’s Stories of Life, Death and In Between” will be held at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 3 in the Bazarsky Lecture Hall. To RSVP, visit the Pell Center’s Eventbrite page.

Modern medicine is a world that glimmers with new technology and cutting-edge research. To the public eye, medical stories often begin with sirens and flashing lights and culminate in survival or death. But these are only the most visible narratives. As a doctor treating people at their sickest, Lamas is fascinated by a different story: what comes after for those whose lives are extended by days, months or years as a result of our treatments and technologies?

Lamas is a pulmonary and critical care doctor at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and faculty at Harvard Medical School. Following graduation from Harvard College, she earned her MD at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons, where she also completed her internship and residency. She then returned to Boston for her subspecialty fellowship. She has worked as a medical reporter at the Miami Herald and is frequently published in the New York Times.

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