Employee workshop focusing on healthy tips for cold, flu season

When cold and flu season hits, we’ll do just about anything to avoid coming down with the sniffles. An upcoming workshop sponsored by the Office of Human Resources will explore practical ways to avoid getting sick, boost immunity and stay healthy.

The “Lunch and Learn” workshop will be held at noon Wednesday, Oct. 11 in the Ochre Court library. Lunch will be provided.

The session will focus on:

  • Common symptoms for colds and flu and how to treat them.
  • The role, or non-role, of antibiotics in treating colds and flu.
  • Immunizations and their important role.
  • The effects of diet and exercise on seasonal ailments.
  • Ways to boost the immune system.
  • The effects of stress on the immune system.
  • Preventing colds and flu.

The workshop qualifies for the 2017 Wellness Rewards program. To register, visit Human Resources’ Eventbrite page.

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