First Year Programs sponsoring photo contest

The Office of First Year and Exploratory Programs is inviting all new students at Salve Regina – including first year, transfer, international and exchange students – to participate in its “Where in the World is Salve Regina?” photo contest.

Students are encouraged to capture a photograph of a scene, location or surrounding that shows where they brought Salve Regina this winter break. All photographs will be judged on creativity, and photographs may be submitted in the following categories: Most Unique, Most School Spirit and Furthest Away.

The first-place winner in each category will receive a $150 gift card to the Salve Regina bookstore. For more information, stop by the Office of First Year and Exploratory Programs in McAuley Hall, Room 209 or e-mail

Submission Rules and Guidelines

  • Participants must be new students at Salve Regina, including first year, transfer, international or exchange students.
  • Photos must include the Salve Regina logo. For example, you may use Salve Regina T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, back
packs, folders, etc. People are not required in the photographs.
  • Maximum of two submissions per student.
  • Photos must be appropriate for public viewing (no obscene gestures, nudity, illegal substance-related content, 
  • Photo files must be saved and submitted as JPEG (.jpg) or GIF (.gif).
  • Submissions are due by 5 p.m. Jan. 25, 2013 to
  • Voting will take place online from Jan. 31 to Feb. 7, 2013. Voting will be open to all Salve Regina faculty, 
staff and students. Winners will be announced shortly after the voting week.
  • By submitting the photograph, you are allowing Salve Regina and the Office of First Year and Exploratory 
Programs to use, reproduce, distribute, publish and exhibit the image. Rights to the original photo will remain with the owner.

To Submit a Photograph

  • Send an e-mail to
  • Subject line should say “Where in the World is Salve Regina?”
  • Attach the photograph to the e-mail (one photo per e-mail).
  • In the e-mail text and content area, please provide the following: The category of your submission,
 a caption for your photograph and a paragraph explaining your submission and where the photo was taken.

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