History, American studies majors to give thesis presentations

The Department of History and the American studies program will hold their annual senior thesis presentations Friday, Dec. 8 and Saturday, Dec. 9 in the Young Building. Fifteen seniors are scheduled to present and defend their theses throughout the two-day period.

Members of the Salve Regina community and the general public are invited to attend, and may stay for any length of time. The schedule is:

Friday, Dec. 8

  • 1:05 p.m. – Alana Boulter: “The Other as Witch: The Role of Anti-Catholicism in the Lancashire Witch Trials”
  • 1:45 – Brittany Fox: “A Happy Marriage of Inconvenience: The Power of Adrienne de la Fayette over Her Destiny in Eighteenth-Century France”
  • 2:25 – Connor Schuerlein-Bailey: “One War, Two Fights: The Battle of Conscientious Objectors During the Second World War”
  • 3:05 – Sara Bucking: “Main Street Media: How Walt Disney Used American Culture to Combat Soviet Communism during the Cold War”
  • 3:45 – James Olson III: “Grunge, Flannel and Combat Boots: How the Seattle Sound Changed and Challenged American Music, Culture and Politics in the 1990s”
  • 4:25 – Adriano Cirioli III: “Protection and Isolation: The Secret Service’s Response to the Kennedy Assassination”

Saturday, Dec. 9

  • 9:00 – Autumn Houghton: “Popes and the Defenses Against Dechristianization: The Archaeological Excavations of the Vatican’s City of the Dead and the Shrine of the Apostle, 1939-1957”
  • 9:40 – Amanda Fenton: “The Fight for Knowledge: The Little Rock Nine’s Perilous Road to Integration”
  • 10:20 – Ellen Tuttle: “Miners, Moonshiners and Men of the Mountains: The Effect of Violence in Central Appalachia through the Reconstruction Era”
  • 11:00 – Allyse Zajac: “‘Something Must Be Done!’: Edward VIII’s Abdication and the Preservation of the British Monarchy”
  • 11:40 – Allison Graves: “‘A Very Disagreeable Affair’: The Burning of the HMS Gaspee and the Spark of a Revolution”
  • 1:30 – Colleen Ciccone: “The Emergence of Irish Prominence: An Analysis of the Political Styles of Prominent Irish Mayors William R. Grace and Hugh O’Brien”
  • 2:10 – Rebecca Sherman: “The Emmett Till Generation: The Birmingham Children’s Crusade and the Renewed Civil Rights Movement”
  • 2:50 – Samuel Chernakoff: “Cold Upset: How the American 1980 Olympic Hockey Victory Restored Patriotism in America”
  • 3:30 – Christian Isidoro: “Sweet Home Chicago: The Blues and the Second Great Migration”

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