IT requiring password change for faculty and staff

Beginning at 6 a.m. Wednesday, March 20, the Office of Information Technologies will enable a password change request for all faculty and staff.

Faculty and staff who are on campus Wednesday morning will be asked to change their password when they log in to their computer. Those who are off campus will need to change their password by logging in to the portal interface.

Click here for specific instructions on changing your password and the new password requirements. 

Smartphone users will need to update the e-mail password on their phone after changing their network password. This updated should be completed within 24 hours. For assistance with making these changes, refer to the instruction page linked above or contact the Help Desk at (401) 341-7777.

For faculty and staff who have systems utilized in their specific departments that are not tied to their network user account, these passwords will not be changed. To change passwords on these systems as well, contact the Help Desk at (401) 341-7777 for further assistance.

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