Mission Committee awards four $500 grants

The University’s Mission Committee has awarded four $500 grants for the 2013-2014 academic year to support proposals submitted by faculty, staff and students.

Each year, the Office of Mission Integration offers members of the University community the opportunity to apply for mission integration grants for projects or events that effectively integrate a mission principle or value into an academic or co-curricular program or other work of the University.

The grant winners are:

Dr. Lissa Fernandez

The literacy skill building place mat project promotes the value of universal justice by helping to bridge a learning gap that exists for many kindergarten students in the Newport Public Schools. Early childhood education majors in their junior year will be responsible for making and distributing the place mats each month. As part of the course Language and Literacy, they will assess kindergarten students’ letter identification and phonics knowledge and use the assessment data to customize place mats to support needed areas of growth in each child.

Dr. Juliette Relihan

Throughout their sophomore year, early childhood education majors work one morning a week with 3- and 4-year-olds in a Head Start classroom. To qualify for Head Start, children must come from families that are in the lowest socioeconomic bracket. During their time in the classroom, Salve Regina students design and implement lessons that will increase the literacy skills of the children. The grant will allow for the purchase of multiple copies of children’s books and other literacy materials that have long been needed in Head Start classrooms.

Joseph Miklovic and Bruce Martin

At this point, it is impossible to institute a ban on phones or tablets on campus, or even inside the classroom. They are nearly an extension of the current student’s being. A solar panel charging station can harness the power of the sun on campus while also removing the distraction of handheld devices. The charging station will provide energy all day, so students can charge up from the first class of the day to the last.

Dr. Thomas Svogun, Dr. Lois Eveleth and Dr. Khalil Habib

The Salve Regina mission is a stirring statement of what the University hopes to accomplish. In the very first sentence, the University takes on the task of all striving humanity: “Salve Regina University … seeks wisdom and promotes universal justice.” It continues to explore the concepts of enduring values, responsible living and sound judgment, encouraging both intellectual and moral virtue and seeking a world that is “harmonious, just and merciful.” The Department of Philosophy will conduct a forum to address philosophical concepts that permeate the mission statement.

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