New partnership offers Salve students a dual-degree engineering program

Salve Regina is partnering with Washington University in St. Louis to offer a dual-degree engineering program in which students can complete three years of pre-engineering study at Salve followed by two years in Washington’s school of engineering. The program, effective immediately, is available to current and future students who meet qualifications.

Students who successfully complete the five-year program will earn a B.A. in math or chemistry from Salve Regina and a B.S. in electrical, mechanical, systems, chemical or biomedical engineering from Washington.

Officials from both institutions agree that a solid liberal arts degree combined with a strong engineering degree provides a robust education that better prepares students for graduate school and a multitude of future career pathways whereby they possess increased leverage in employment negotiations.

“The departments of Chemistry and Mathematical Sciences are proud to establish this partnership,” said Dr. Elizabeth Fitzgibbon, assistant professor in Salve’s Department of Mathematical Sciences. “The program promises students the opportunity to develop foundational skills in a small and supportive environment founded on the tradition of the Sisters of Mercy, while also granting access to the resources available at Washington University’s highly regarded school of engineering.”

Kim Cummins, assistant dean at Washington’s School of Engineering, said the partnership with Salve will help to prepare students for career opportunities that require a multidisciplinary skill set. “The dual degree program is an attractive alternative to traditional engineering curricula,” Cummins said. “Program graduates are liberally educated engineers with strong communication and problem-solving skills, a broad background in the humanities and social sciences, and a high-quality technical education. Washington University’s program also includes options to earn a master’s degree with one additional year of study.”

The 3-2 program in engineering will offer Salve a unique opportunity to expand its recruitment by providing an option that will be attractive to a student that is currently not looking in Salve’s direction, said James Fowler, vice president for enrollment management. “Such a program will offer a pathway for recruitment to math and chemistry by attracting potential applicants seeking both engineering and a strong, liberal arts educational experience,” he added.

Salve students who complete the three-year pre-engineering program must maintain a 3.25 GPA with no grade below C- in any mathematics or science course, and have the written recommendation of the program liaison to be eligible to enter Washington’s engineering program.

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