O’Callaghan to discuss recent developments in bioengineering

Dr. Sean O’Callaghan, assistant professor in the Department of Religious and Theological Studies, will discuss developments in the fields of bioengineering during an upcoming faculty presentation.

“The Rise of the Techno-Human: Adventures, Challenges and Choices” will be held at 4 p.m. Monday, April 10 in the McKillop Library special collections room.

The ability for human beings to design themselves is not new, but recent developments have enabled us to change ourselves and our offspring in ways that were once unimaginable. Human enhancement, whether by means of pharmaceuticals, computers or bioelectronics, presents us with exciting new opportunities but also new potential inequalities, which will challenge societies in the near future.

In November 2016, O’Callaghan discussed the topic as a featured speaker in TEDxNewport, the local version of the world-famous TED talks. “I have been fascinated by technology and its impact on the human body and mind for several years,” O’Callaghan said at the time. “At first, it all seemed like science fiction; then I realized that places like MIT, Harvard and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency were investing millions in research into the GRIN technologies – Genetics, Robotics, Information and Nanotechnology.”

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