Salve Regina hosting first Multicultural Education Week

In an effort to foster a campus community that is more globally aware and culturally connected, Salve Regina will host the first Multicultural Education Week Feb. 4-8. Events are designed to promote interaction among individuals from diverse backgrounds so that they may learn from each other.

Multicultural Education Week is sponsored by the offices of Multicultural Programs, Student Activities and Community Service, the Campus Activities Board, the Multicultural Student Organization and Team Empower.

Members of the Salve Regina community and the general public are welcome to attend all events. Students who attend all four events scheduled for Monday through Thursday will have the chance to win an iPad or Kindle at Friday’s Festival of Cultures.

The Race Experience Kiosk

All week, Miley Hall lobby

The Race Experience Kiosk offers a truly unique diversity event. You can see yourself in a different skin by changing your race to black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern and Indian. You can then share your favorite pictures via e-mail. The kiosk creates an environment that encourages discussions about race and our deep-rooted beliefs, misconceptions and biases.

Dr. Bertice Berry

7:30 p.m. Monday, Feb. 4, Bazarsky Lecture Hall

No one defies stereotypes, generalizations or cliches more than Dr. Bertice Berry. As a community activist and internationally recognized author, Berry addresses such difficult subjects as race relations, gender roles and sexism. “When you walk with purpose,” Berry says, “you collide with destiny.”

Life of a Missionary

7:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 5, Bazarsky Lecture Hall

What does it mean to be a missionary? You don’t need to travel to Third World countries to help people in need. This event will show students that they can make a difference in their own communities. With interesting guest speakers, including Ruth Joseph ’15, this event will include food, music, raffles and a special showing of Joseph’s video journal.

Multicultural art show

5 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, Rodgers Gallery, Antone Academic Center

Enjoy a sample of student artwork and artifacts representing the varied art of different cultures from around the world. The theme is “Global Awareness: Who I Am,” representing society, politics, religion and culture.

Daryl Davis

7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 7, Bazarsky Lecture Hall

Daryl Davis, race relations expert and author of “Klan-Destine Relationships,” will share his unique experiences as a black man interacting and forming relationships with members of the Ku Klux Klan. When asked how he has improved race relations, Davis says, “I have Klan robes and hoods hanging in my closet, given to me voluntarily by members who have quit the Klan since coming to know me.”

Festival of Cultures

8 p.m. to midnight Friday, Feb. 8, Ochre Court

The evening will feature community members showcasing their cultural identities through cultural talent and fashion shows, and ethnic food from around the world.


  1. Jake Weaver says:

    I am the multicultural activities graduate assistant at Providence College and I was wondering if any of these events are open to the public. If so which ones and would it be ok if I brought a group of students from PC?

    We are also having Tim Wise come Feb. 20th which we are trying to open to the public, so let me know if you’re interetsed in bringing a group of students to PC for that or Unity Week in late March where we will have several performances and events.

    Thanks for your time!

    Jake Weaver

  2. Jivanto says:

    Mr. Weaver–

    We would love to have you and your PC students at our events!
    I think both schools can only benefit from our working together.
    Feel free to send me an email & we can work out any details.



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