Salve Regina hosting Hard Court Triples Tournament

The women’s tennis team has invited Clark University, Johnson & Wales University and the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to join them in the first Hard Court Triples Tournament, scheduled for 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 6 on the Leroy Avenue courts.

While Salve Regina continues to host the Grass Court Doubles (established in 1984) as a fall event at the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport, the women’s tennis program wants to establish this unique hard court event in its on-campus spring schedule.

The four schools will each enter three triples combinations (nine players per school for a total of 36 participants). There will be a total of 36 matches (18 doubles and 18 singles), with 12 in each flight.

Each player must play one singles match during one of the three round-robin meetings; the other two teammates will play a doubles match. Each player will finish the day playing one singles and two doubles matches.

Competing for Salve Regina are Alia Barefoot ’16, Elizabeth DiFilippo ’15, Julie Grant ’16, Ana Gwozdz ’14, Elizabeth Liguori ’14, Lindsey Macedo ’16, Meg Olson ’15, Kasey Walther ’16 and Isabelle Weatherby ’16.

“The uniqueness of this event allows each program to experiment with different doubles combinations,” said head coach Ed Habershaw. “I like the branding aspect of Grass Court Doubles and Hard Court Triples, too. Both events showcase doubles play while the latter includes singles action.”

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