Seahawks honored by Rhode Island Blood Center

The Salve Regina football team was recently recognized for its outstanding support of the “Be The Match” bone marrow donor program last spring.

“Be the Match” is a national registry drive for bone marrow donors in the fight against leukemia, lymphoma and other blood disorders. The Seahawks led the charge on campus for the second straight year in 2013, organizing and running a successful donor campaign.

“We got involved with ‘Be the Match’ to help try and save someone’s life from being cut short by cancer,” head coach Kevin Gilmartin said. “It is an amazing feeling to think that we were involved in saving someone’s life, and then to see someone meet their match, meet the person that donated to save their life, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”

Though the 2013 drive was successful, the need for volunteers never diminishes. The Seahawks will once again lead a “Be the Match” drive on campus in April.

“Trying to find a bone marrow match is like trying to find the correct rock in the ocean,” Gilmartin said. “But the more rocks we have out there, the better chance we have of finding someone’s match.”

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