Students find their own “brand” as bloggers

“Full Out, No Marking.” “Ain’t No Party Like a Country Party.” “College Pros on Ice.” Name the passion, and there’ll be a blogger who’s writing about it, especially if the blogger is part of Dr. Donna Harrington-Lueker’s Social Media Strategies class.

Using the WordPress blogging platform, students taking the class this spring have developed and are maintaining their own blogs, building on their expertise in areas as varied as country music, college dance, Rhode Island sweets, yoga and all things media.

“Blogging is a skill that’s very much in demand, both in news and public relations,” said Harrington-Lueker, professor of English. “A project like this gives students real-world experience. To be successful, they have to find their own voice, attract their own audience and establish their credibility.”

The blogs are available online:


  1. Matthew Ramsey says:

    These look great. I’m impressed.

  2. Sara Kourtsounis says:

    The content is unique and great, but the grammar and spelling on many are not and detract from the value of the blogs. As someone who blogs I am more apt to follow someone I can read clearly and not stumble over sentences. I am not looking for perfection but proper use of words like there, they’re and their are required. Missing words in sentences and using apostrophes incorrectly will detract from the meaning. I hope these kids are also taught to go back and edit their work. Write your posts in a word processing document and they place into WordPress if that makes it easier for you.

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