Undergraduate courses offered online during “Virtual Summer”

Salve Regina will offer seven undergraduate courses in an online interactive format during the summer of 2013. Salve Regina students, along with students from other universities, are invited to register for these “Virtual Summer” courses. Sessions will begin May 13 and run through Aug. 16.

Registration is available online for current students, while others can complete this form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. Tuition is $445 per credit, or $1,335 per three-credit course.

Information about required books for the courses is available in the online schedule of classes, or by contacting the Salve Regina bookstore at (401) 341-2933.

Virtual Summer course offerings include the following:

Summer Session I: May 13 to June 28

  • ENG205: Contemporary Global Literature (3 credits, Core Complement course in literature)
  • RTS210: Christianity in Dialogue with World Religions (3 credits, Common Core requirement)

Summer Session II: July 1 to Aug. 16

  • GST450: The Capstone Experience (3 credits, Common Core requirement, prerequisites PHL220, RTS210 and senior standing)
  • PHL220: Philosophy and Responsibility (3 credits, prerequisites GST150 and ENG150)
  • POL115: The American Political System (3 credits, Core Complement course in social sciences)
  • STA201: Statistical Methods (3 credits)

Full Summer Session: May 13 to Aug. 16

  • MGT491: Professional Internship in Business (3 credits, prerequisite junior/senior standing)

Click here for course descriptions.

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar at (401) 341-2943 or sruregistrar@salve.edu.

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