“Where in the World is Salve Regina?” contest winners announced

The Office of First Year and Exploratory Programs has announced the winners of its “Where in the World is Salve Regina?” photo contest: Edem Kuada ’14, Makafui Kuada ’14 and Kristin McDermott ’16.

The photo contest provided students with the opportunity to show the campus community where they brought the spirit of Salve Regina over winter break. Students, faculty and staff were invited to vote for their favorite picture in each category. Winners for each of the three submission categories will receive a $150 gift card to the Salve Regina bookstore.

Most School Spirit: Edem Kuada for “Outskirts of the Sahara”


The sub-Saharan country of Ghana is located in West Africa. Formerly known as the Gold Coast, Ghana is about a 12-hour flight from New York. This English-speaking country is bordered by three Francophone (French-speaking) countries and the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana’s economy relies heavily on tourism and the export of products such as gold, diamond, coffee and cocoa beans. Ghanaians are known to be hospitable and friendly. Ghana enjoys a rich geographic diversity, from the sandy beaches that line the coast to the dense forest of the Ashanti kingdom to the outskirts of the Sahara in the northernmost region of the country. If any Seahawks ever find themselves in this peaceful and beautiful country they would be welcomed with an “Akwaaba.” (Photo taken in Keta, Ghana)

Furthest Away: Makafui Kuada for “Seahawks Over the Volta”


Lake Volta is the largest man-made reservoir in the world. Electricity is generated from this lake at the Akosombo Dam. The canoes that sit ashore are used by local fishermen to harvest fish. The Volta was named by Portuguese explorers and means “turn” because of the lake’s distinctive twisting course. This photo captures two Salve Regina students admiring the natural beauty of the Volta, 5,124 miles from the United States. (Photo taken in Keta, Ghana)

Most Unique: Kristin McDermott for “The Seahawk Signal”


Here is a city in need of some Salve Regina Seahawk heroism. This photo captures the Dallas evening skyline as the police department calls upon the mighty Seahawk to save the day. Featured is the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge crossing the Trinity River.

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