Day One facilitating discussion on campus sexual assault

Representatives from Day One, Rhode Island’s sexual assault and trauma resource center, will visit Salve Regina this week to discuss campus sexual assault and its prevalence in college culture.

Co-sponsored by the Center for Student Development, the Department of Psychology and the Office of Student Affairs, the discussion will be held at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 6 in the Bazarsky Lecture Hall.

Day One will tailor the presentation to reflect Salve’s campus and culture so that students can best understand how it applies to their lives. The discussion will also focus on the impending changes to Title IX under the Trump administration and explore how the changes will affect colleges and their students.

In addition to victim services and preventative services, Day One offers community outreach programs, campus awareness events and more. Part of Day One’s work is to help victims and the community work through and prevent the prevalence of sexual assault, but also to keep the community aware of legislation and policies regarding sexual assault.

For students in the “Crew” cohort of the Navigator program, the discussion fulfills the core values of collaboration, common purpose and controversy with civility. For students in the “Port” cohort, the discussion fulfills the core values of citizenship and creating change.

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