Faculty honored for service, achievements

Salve Regina honored faculty members for their service and commitment to the University community during the annual faculty luncheon, held during Commencement weekend. Attendees were also given a booklet detailing their colleagues’ achievements for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Click here for the 2013-2014 faculty achievements booklet.

Five years of service

  • Luigi Bradizza – assistant professor, political science
  • Madeleine Esch – assistant professor, English
  • Mary Lou Lyons – lecturer, nursing
  • Gia Renaud – assistant professor, education

Ten years of service

  • Michael Budd – professor, humanities
  • Bernard Munge – associate professor, chemistry

Fifteen years of service

  • Debra Curtis – assistant professor, sociology and anthropology
  • Paula Martasian – associate professor, psychology
  • Clark Merrill – associate professor, political science
  • Gerald Perrino – associate professor, art
  • Alison Shakarian – professor, biology
  • Tina Wray – associate professor, religious and theological studies

Twenty years of service

  • Don St. Jean – instructor, music

Twenty-five years of service

  • Peter Davis – senior lecturer, music
  • Carol Gibbons – associate professor, mathematics
  • Carmel Coughlan – senior lecturer, business studies

Thirty years of service

  • Jane Bethune – professor, modern and classical languages
  • Alice Graham – professor, education
  • Victor Tonn – professor, business studies

Thirty-five years of service

  • John Rok – associate professor, religious and theological studies

Forty-five years of service

  • Lois Eveleth – professor, philosophy

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