Faculty, staff invited to submit Who’s Who nominations

The national program Who’s Who Among Students in Universities and Colleges, now in its 79th year, was created to honor outstanding campus leaders for their scholastic and community achievements. Faculty and staff are invited to nominate those students whose academic standing, participation in extracurricular activities and community services are decidedly above average.

The following are the qualification requirements for inclusion in Who’s Who Among Students in Universities and Colleges. Each recommended nomination must:

  • Presently be a matriculated junior, senior or graduate student at Salve Regina.
  • Be one who evidences high scholastic ability (a minimum 3.00 GPA). Note: Please do not call the Office of the Registrar for individual students’ cumulative grade point averages. This information will be verified once all nominations have been received.
  • Be a participant and leader in academic and extracurricular activities.
  • Be of service to the University as an outstanding citizen and community member.
  • Be one who demonstrates potential for future achievements.

Attached to the nomination form are the names of students who have received this honor in the past two years. These students are not eligible to be nominated again. Please review these names before nominating students for this academic year.

Please download and print the Who’s Who nomination form for each student you recommend. All recommended nominations must be submitted on these applications with supporting rationale by Friday, Feb. 15.

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  1. Kim McKillop says:

    Please return all nominations to Kim McKillop, Asst. to VP/Student Affairs, via interoffice mail or you can e-mail your scanned forms to mckillok@salve.edu. Thank you!

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