HR sponsoring “Investing 101” workshop

New to investing or simply need some direction? Learn more during an hour-long “Investing 101” workshop sponsored by the Office of Human Resources. Offered by MetLife, the workshop will be held at noon Thursday, Feb. 16 in the Miley Hall executive dining room.

The workshop will provide a general overview of investing and investment concepts, as well as the terminology often used in the financial services industry. Participants will learn more about:

  • Saving vs. investing
  • Investment basics: stocks, bonds, cash and mutual funds
  • Asset allocation and why it is important
  • How to develop a plan and stay on track
  • Current financial markets

Lunch will be provided. To register, call (866) 801-3547 or visit the MetLife website and enter the employer name Salve Regina. This workshop qualifies for the 2017 Wellness Rewards program.

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