Hydroponics Club seeks to create sustainable growing methods

Photo: Erica Manchester ’17 and Nicole Washco ’18 in front of the hydroponic lab’s tubular growing system.

Salve Regina’s Hydroponics Club is more than just a few scientists in a laboratory: It is a group interested in innovative ways to create sustainable growing methods. Club members work in the University’s hydroponic lab, testing nutrient and pH levels and monitoring plant growth.

Salve Regina’s hydroponic lab began as a research center, but today it’s much more than that – it’s an opportunity for students of all majors to learn about sustainable, clean, functional agriculture.

Students grow plants for a few reasons. They study hydroponics as a sustainable method of growing, they use hydroponically grown plants for research and they grow edible plants to sell at local farmer’s markets. Students also participate in outreach programs to inform the public and establish hydroponic systems at other sites. In addition, they give tours to interested students, whether they are from Salve Regina or local secondary schools.

Founded in the fall of 2016, the Hydroponics Club has nearly 40 members and welcomes students from all disciplines. Current members come from diverse academic backgrounds – administration of justice, biology, business, environmental studies, marketing, nursing, psychology and political science, to name a few.

Advised by Dr. Jameson Chace, the executive board includes Erica Manchester ’17 (president/founder), Sydney Lane ’17 (vice president), Grace Jorgensen ’17 (secretary), Anthony Tandy ’17, (treasurer), Meagan Clickner ’18 (outreach coordinator) and Nicole Washco ’18 (farmer’s market coordinator).

To learn more about the Hydroponics Club, contact Erica Manchester or Meagan Clickner, or follow the club on Instagram.

Compiled by Matthew Levine ’17

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