Roundtable discussion focusing on capital punishment in America

An upcoming roundtable discussion moderated by philosophy faculty Dr. Peter Colosi and Dr. Craig Condella will focus on capital punishment in America.

Last month, Pope Francis declared capital punishment to be an attack on human dignity and called for a worldwide ban of the practice. Two weeks later, the opioid fentanyl was used to put a Nebraska man to death in the state’s first execution in 20 years.

In the wake of Sister Helen Prejean’s Convocation address, participants will consider the place of the death penalty today. Should there be a federal ban, or is it better left to each state? Does it violate human dignity or uphold it? Does it make for a safer society or one more prone to violence? How does the pope’s statement relate to previous papal statements on the death penalty?

The roundtable will be held at 11:45 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 11 in the O’Hare Academic Building, Room 242. Sponsored by the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy, roundtable discussions are open to Salve Regina students, faculty and staff. The Pell Center provides a free lunch.

As space is limited, those interested in attending should RSVP to (401) 341-2927 or


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