University to award 13 doctorates during Commencement

Photo: Salve Regina’s 2017 Ph.D. recipients

Salve Regina will award doctorates in humanities to 13 candidates during the graduate Commencement ceremony Thursday, May 17. The Ph.D. program offers the humanities as a foundation for understanding a world of accelerating and complex change.

Cultivating expertise in traditional humanities fields and building skills as contemporary interdisciplinary scholars, students pursue doctoral research that makes a difference; bridging disciplines and exploring questions of human meaning in a dynamic study of the past, present and future.

The candidates and their dissertation titles are:

  • Ali Al Abri: “Security Challenges to Oman’s Religious Tolerance and Balanced Foreign Policy: An Analysis of Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)”
  • Albert R. Antosca: “Singularitarianism and the New Millennium: Techno-theology in the Transhumanist Age of Re-enchantment”
  • Cheryl Bailey: “Through the Lens of Accelerationist Utopia: The Critical Role of Science Fiction in the Transition to a Post-Capitalist World in Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘Mars’ Trilogy”
  • Chelsea Buffington: “TechnoHumanity: Films as a Lens for Examining How Humans and Technology Co-Shape the World”
  • Michael Junge: “From Pillar to Pillory – U.S. Navy Crimes of Command 1945-2015”
  • Ryan Marnane: “Consider the Audiobook, or The Hermeneutics of Close Listening: Literary Sound Studies, Critical Theory, and David Foster Wallace’s Literary Journalism”
  • Todd Mele: “Marx’s Materialist Sociology of Knowledge: Colliding Empirical Frameworks of Consciousness”
  • Beryl Powell: “Networks of Survival in Kinshasa, Mumbai, Detroit, and Comparison Cities: an Empirical Perspective”
  • Norah Schneider: “The Sentinel: American-Jewish Weekly Coverage in Chicago of Nazi Persecution of European Jewry and the Holocaust, 1930-1947”
  • Michael Scully: “The Digital Incunabula: The Future of Storytelling in the Digital Age”
  • Lamont Slater: “The Namibian Genocide: Reframing the Conflict to Explore Intercultural Connectivity, Inclusiveness and Accurate Memorialization”
  • Donald Thieme: “The Nation-State and Biopower: Impacts on Individuals, Empowerment, and the Limitations of Liberty”
  • Gary Vaspol: “Abiding the Postmodern World: An Ethical, Existential, and Cinematographic Examination of ‘The Big Lebowski'”

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